What are casino high rollers?


A high roller is a person who consistently wagers large amounts of money in gambling. Generally, high rollers regularly wager thousands or millions of dollars in a single night. High rollers may be a group of people who meet a specific set of requirements.

In some casinos in Europe, high rollers are required to deposit at least $10,000 while making at least $100 bets per round of blackjack or poker.  Casino high rollers players can play through internet-based casinos and brick and mortar operators.

Casinos always show special treatment and love to high rollers as they take incredibly high risks and place huge bets on the game. Most of the casino high rollers are professional players. They know the strategies of making a profit. But some wealthy people play as a high roller who doesn’t care how much they lose.

They just want to spend their fun time in a casino and often spend a million dollars in just one night.

Casinos always try to give special treatment to their high roller players as the casino keeps making a lot of money every time they play. Casinos pamper their high roller player with a free drink, free ticket for a show, free dinner, free accommodation, five-star facilities, discount offers, and many more. Online casinos also reward their high rollers in their way. In online casinos, they are awarded special bonuses, can play on credit, and gamble higher stakes. Some perks are given to the high roller, like a bigger deposit bonus, priority customer support, extra loyalty points, dedicated casino host, a free ticket to sports and events, luxury vacation package, surprise gift, and many more. The cause of these special treatments is that they deposit a large amount and high wager they place on online gambling.

 Here are some perks and rewards that casinos offer their high roller player-

  • They are offered private jets belonging to the casino.
  • They are provided exclusive hotel-casino suites.
  • They can get cashback or rebate on losses
  • They can enjoy a higher table limit
  • Casino high rollers can access exclusive VIP rooms and private pits.
  • Plenty of freebies.
  • They are provided by dedicated casino hosts.

So, let’s take a glimpse at some of these high rollers and their lifestyle-

Robert Gorodetsky– Robert Gorodetsky is a renown high roller of Las Vegas.He is also known as Big Rob. He wagers millions of dollars on sports events regularly. He wins and loses millions of dollars frequently. He also plays roulette and blackjack games with friends.

Dan Bilzerian- Dan Bilzerian is an actor, businessman, poker pro famous for his controversial lifestyle. He has houses in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hollywood hills, and California. His current net worth is $200 million.

Red carpet treatment for High rollers players- Casino high rollers are given red carpet treatment. They get all the exclusive services along with the free drink, free dinner, free show tickets, spa experiences, gift vouchers, and many more. VIP treatment begins just after the landing of a high rollers flight. The casino host will arrange everything for the high roller, leaving him free to wager millions of dollars on the casino games.

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